rhino linings

Rhino linings are recognized as the best in the industry for appearance, performance, and overall quality. They provide protection for your truck bed while also adding beauty and value to your vehicle – all without creating any compromises for you! A better question might be, “Why not choose a Rhino liner?”

Will Rhino linings withstand extreme temperatures and rugged conditions?

Absolutely. From subzero temperatures to nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit, you need not worry about what the weather brings with a Rhino liner in place.

Do Rhino linings come in different colors?

Yes. Rhino liners come in a wide variety of customizable colors. See your individual dealer for available choices and additional solar protection to keep your liner looking great.

Are Rhino linings repairable?

Yes. Just stop into your local Rhino liner retailer for professional repairs.

Can I remove my Rhino liner?

Rhino liners are a permanent liner solution. However, you’re sure to love the look, feel, and performance so much you’ll never want to take yours out!

How long does liner application take?

The average time for Rhino liner application is three hours.

Can I use my vehicle right away after application?

Yes! Your liner will be dry to the touch within seconds after application. We do recommend waiting 24 hours before using your truck bed to haul anything, as it takes approximately that long for the liner to fully cure. However, everyday use is fine as soon as you roll off our premises!

Will the drain holes in my truck bed still be open?

Yes. Maintaining the integrity of your drainage system is actually one of the biggest advantages of choosing this type of liner over a drop-in or other style of liner.

Do Rhino linings interfere with the installation of other accessories?

Typically, there are no issues with accessories such as trailer hitches, fifth wheels, etc. To be sure, though, check with your Rhino liner specialist before application and mention your accessories specifically.

Are Rhino linings eco-friendly?

Yes. Rhino liners do not contain VOCs or CFCs.

Will the lined bed feel hotter than the rest of my truck?

No. Unlike many other types of liner, a Rhino liner is designed not to retain heat. It may actually feel cooler compared to the rest of your vehicle on hot days, making it perfect for hauling anything you put in the back of your truck!

Can a Rhino liner be used as an undercoating?

No. This is not recommended.

What are some other applications for Rhino linings?

Nearly any properly-prepared surface would welcome an application of Rhino linings for protection and preservation. For more information, speak to your local retailer.

Is there a product warranty for Rhino linings? Yes, there is a limited lifetime warranty, which covers damage to the liner that occurs during the lifetime of the vehicle as long as you own it.

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